Chiavari chair hire

Our Chiavari chairs are the epitome of elegance and grace and compliment every venue perfectly, its light and delicate stature mean your chairs no longer have to be unattractive and an eyesore but in fact now become a positive part of the decor and the design in the room.

Naturally talented in design, luxury and creating all things beautiful, Italy is renowned world wide for its ability to create art and elegance, it makes perfect sense that these chairs where conceived on the coast of north western Italy in the town of Chiavari.

 These chairs now are very popular for use at all events including, weddings parties these chairs do not require covering but in fact are a statement piece for the decor.

Our chairs come in white making them the perfect accompaniment for a fairytale wedding !

Hire our chiavari chairs from £3.00 each which includes a seat pad.